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The happier you are with your own life the less you’ll be talking about someone else’s.
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There are questions I’m still not wise enough to answer, just wise enough to no longer ask.
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Lovethekisses turned 5 today!
There are two reasons why people don’t talk about things; either it doesn’t mean anything to them, or it means everything.
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Don’t ever use someone’s past against them. You’re just reminding them of the mistakes they made back then. If you watch their facial expression carefully, then you’ll see the hurt in their eyes as they reminisce everything that happened. Never use emotion as a weapon, it strikes deeper than you can imagine.
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The little things? The little moments? — They aren’t little.
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I used to think that I could never lose anyone if I photographed them enough. In fact, my pictures show me how much I’ve lost
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a bouquet of clumsy words: you know that place between sleep and awake where you’re still dreaming but it’s slowly slipping? i wish we could feel like that more often. i also wish i could click my fingers three times and be transported to anywhere i like. i wish that people didn’t always say ‘just wondering’ when you both know there was a real reason behind them asking. and i wish i could get lost in the stars.

listen, there’s a hell of a good universe next door, let’s go.

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David Levithan, Are We There Yet?